EB Discovers The Rhythm of Life

EB_ROLThe beloved Easter Bunny, or EB as he is known to his friends and loyal fans, has given Eugene Taylor’s The Rhythm of Life CD five carrots! When asked why he gave Taylor’s music such a high rating, he said,

“Most of the stuff I’m hearing these days sounds the same. Taylor’s CD made me want to hop like I used to. It brought out the hopeful bunny in me. Yes, even the Easter Bunny gets in a rut sometimes, listening to all the awful news on TV and hearing the same old mind-numbing rump a thump thumping banter that gets the vast majority of airplay. I just can’t stop listening to Eugene Taylor’s music. The guy is brilliant! His musical partner, what’s his name, is OK too.”

When asked about a favorite track on The Rhythm of Life album, he said,

“I have two favorite tracks. The Rhythm of Life because of it’s great groove and Tears because I like bears. Although I like them better with eyes. You just have to listen to it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

We asked EB if he purchased the digital copy of the album or the actual CD.

“I downloaded the digital album off Amazon. Here’s the link. People should get it and support Taylor. I think the music is outstanding. It’s fresh, good for hopping and good for hoping. Listen to it while munching on a good carrot.”


For more information about Eugene Taylor and his music visit



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Free Until Midnight – Download A Rabbit’s Tale

We come to the end of another Easter Sunday. But Easter is really all year. It is an everyday, equal-opportunity miracle. There are still a few hours left. Download a copy of A Rabbit’s Tale and see what I mean. Suitable for readers age 13+.



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Happy Easter to all of EB’s Friends

Dear friends, I wish you all a very Happy Easter! May the light of Christ shine in each one of us through everything we do. God bless you.


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A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story – Free Download 3/22 – 3/25 Fantasy-Scifi Thriller

23822491_4170218 _ Cover _ June 2014

Click to download your free copy of A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story.

Juan Arias is a gifted fifth grader with a passion for photography. His goal is to someday be a staff photographer for National Geographic magazine, but he has given up on his dream. Now an adult, he is an unfulfilled computer programmer.

When Juan dresses up as the Easter Bunny for his nephew’s party, he winds up having a life-altering accident and becomes a freak, a medical marvel. As he tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, Juan uncovers evidence that can help convict a suspected murderer hellbent on unleashing the most addictive drug known to man.

Still battling the side effects of his accident, how can Juan prevent a murder and help catch the lunatic. When everything is stacked against you, and life unravels, how can you hope to survive? How can the very worst day of your life be the best day for your eternal soul?

“This is not a fairy tale…as you’re reading along don’t be surprised if you smile often and even laugh out loud. Diogenes is a great story teller.” – Fr. David McBriar O.F.M.

Me: How do you like my new book cover, EB?

EB: Hmmm, well, it’s much better than that crappy cover you had before. I guess it doesn’t stink anymore.

Me: Wow, EB that means a lot to me, especially coming from you.

EB: Yeah well, it only took you two years to listen to my advice.

Me: Is there anything about this cover you don’t like?

EB: Actually, the guy’s nose looks like it was drawn by a four-year-old.

Me: It’s not supposed to be a realistic nose.

EB: Well, you got that right. Did a four-year-old do this new cover of yours?

Me: No. I thought you liked it.

EB: I’m liking it less and less now.

Me: I don’t understand. Why?

EB: It’s just…

Me: It’s just what?

EB: It’s just that it reminds me of a really bad nightmare I had.

Me: What happened in your nightmare?

EB: It was too horrible for words, I don’t think I can talk about it.

Me: Go ahead. Sometimes it helps to tell your nightmare to someone. Then it doesn’t seem so bad.

EB: I don’t know.

Me: Come on, buddy. We’ve been friends for a long time. Tell me about your dream.

EB: OK, but let me get a fresh carrot first. I think I’m going to need it.

Me: OK, so what happened in your nightmare?

EB: I was in this tiny booth. It had curtains on three sides and there was a piece of paper.

Me: What was on the paper?

EB: It had four words on it and I started to tremble. Then my trembling turned into uncontrollable shaking. I could not breathe. I woke up screaming, soaking wet from sweating.

Me: Wow, EB, that’s terrible. What were the four words on the piece of paper? What did it say to make you have such a horrible panic attack.

EB: There were four words and two little circles. There was one little circle in front of a pair of words.

Me: Sounds strange, EB. What did they say?

EB: The first little circle was followed by the words Hillary Clinton. The second little circle was followed by the words Donald Trump.

Me: If it’s of any consolation EB, I’ve had a similar nightmare.

EB: Does this mean it’s the end of the world?

Me: I’m afraid it’s worse than that, EB.

EB: What can be worse than the end of the world.

Me: Having to listen to political coverage on every channel of the questionably civilized world.

EB: Is “questionably” a real word.

Me: Who cares EB. It’s the end of the world.

EB: Here, have a carrot it will take the edge off the apocalypse.



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A Sad Day for Bunnies Everywhere

A Sad Day For Bunnies


EB: You’d think someone having the privilege of being dressed up as me would have a little self-control.

me: Not everyone is as patient as you, EB.

EB: Tell me about it. The guy should be blacklisted from ever renting an Easter Bunny costume again. He should be have to pay bunny damages to the rest of us rabbits.

me: Good luck with that, EB. They guy will be back in a rabbit costume before you know it.

EB: …and they call that justice? I think I’ll be scarred for life after seeing this.

me: What do you think would serve as justice in this particular case?

EB: A well place carrot on the dark side of his moon….. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

me: Never mind.


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Your Book Cover Stinks!

23822491_4170218 _ Cover _ June 2014

Me: How do you like my new cover, EB?

EB: It stinks.

Me: You’ve told me that before, but how do you like the new cover? This is a new cover. It shows a hand a letter and the two seals. What do you think?

EB: Your new cover stinks almost as badly as your old cover.

Me: What makes you say that?

EB: What makes me say that is the fact that it stinks.

Me: What about it makes it stink?

EB Everything about it stinks. What are you dense? I thought humans were supposed to have reasoning skills.

Me: What are you in a bad mood or something? I just want your opinion on my new cover and all you can say is that it stinks.

EB: I gave you my opinion. It stinks. The only way for it not to stink is for you to do a new cover.

Me: What should the new cover look like?

EB: Like I’ve been telling you since you wrote the dumb book, it needs to have me on the cover.

Me: But it’s not really about just you. It’s about …

EB: You’re delusional. Of course, it’s about me.

Me: Not really.

EB: Don’t start with that Jesus thing again or I’ll have to bitch slap you like I did the last time we had this conversation.

Me: And you expect kids to take Easter candy from a rabbit with an attitude?

EB: I can’t help it if I’m famous. Kids will take candy from me even if it comes out of my …

Me: EB! That’s just plain vulgar, I’m surprised at you.

EB: Ohh, do I seem a little insensitive.

Me: Yes, you’re not yourself.

EB: It must be that stupid book cover of yours. Why don’t you just ask people for feedback on how to un-stink it?

Me: Maybe I will. Meanwhile, you need to wash your mouth out with soap.

EB: You’re kidding right? You see this carrot? May I suggest you…

If anyone out in cyberspace would like to make a suggestion on how to un-stink the book cover, please leave a comment. I’m sure EB will rub it in my face later.


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The Suicide Society


EB and I recently came across the work of fellow Christian author William Brennan Knight. Although his work is not necessarily Christian fiction, it is fiction that touches on interesting themes for Christian readers, suicide, evil, and hope. William does not preach on any of these issues, nor does he reference scripture in this work, but his cleverly woven story makes one think about the root causes of so much suffering in our world. Evil takes many forms and in this case William Brennan Knight has crafted a story that proposes a fictional yet fascinating answer to the question, “Why is there so much suffering in this world?”  This novel does not employ gratuitous violence, but there are a few gripping and disturbing scenes. If you enjoy reading stories with elements of horror, loaded with suspense, featuring a detestable villain, and an unlikely protagonist, The Suicide Society is a must read.

William Brennan Knight

What led you to write this story? and What got you interested in writing?
I have always had an interest in writing from an early age. For some reason, I was always more interested in writing longer fiction rather than short stories. The Suicide Society spanned nearly a decade, and I wrote it sporadically as time would allow as I started a business and raised a family. It was a project I felt compelled to complete.

How did you choose suicide as the driver for the story?
Suicide has always been one of life’s deepest mysteries to me. I find it difficult to understand how people can find themselves in a place so dark and devoid of hope. The Bible repeatedly confirms the sanctity of life as in Exodus 20:13. In the Suicide Society, I looked at the possibility of another cause tied directly to the influence of Satan.

Did you ever attempt suicide or know someone who has?
I have never attempted suicide, but I have encountered it first hand. There is nothing more devastating for a family to deal with. It’s tragic and heartbreaking.

Did you create an outline or did you write the story that was already playing in your head?
I have a general idea for a story, but outlines don’t work for me because the characters inevitably take the story in the direction they choose. I’m just along for the ride.

Is there a part of the story which was particularly challenging?
The Benefactor’s cruelty startled me. As the story developed, I grew to despise the character as he embodied the worst of humanity. I never doubted the outcome, but several scenes were difficult to write.

How we’re the characters inspired? Did you base them on people you know or make them up?
The characters were very loosely based on people I know, except for the Benefactor. Fortunately, I have never known anyone that I consider evil.

As a fiction author who happens to be Christian, is there anything you’d like folks to take away from reading your book, or was it simply to entertain your audience?
The book is mostly entertainment, but I hope the overriding message is that good always overcomes evil and that darkness and despair are always temporary. A brighter day is always just around the corner. Keep your faith intact no matter how hopeless the situation may appear.

Is there a scene or part of the book that you particularly enjoyed writing?
I was pleased with the ending. As I approached the end of the book, I was unsure how it would end. It was a moment of inspiration that pleased me.

Do you have another book in the works? If so, can you tell us about it?
The next book is called “The Time Sculptors.” It is a sci-fi thriller. I like to provide solutions for inexplicable situations. The story resolves around the growing psychosis in our society. Why is it happening? Who is behind it. I hope to have it completed by the first of the year.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for the chance to convey my thoughts, and I hope everyone who reads The Suicide Society enjoys it! Keep the faith and God Bless.


I had to read The Suicide Society out loud to EB. He was too afraid to read it by himself. At one point he was gnawing on two carrots at the same time. I had to take one away because they were the last two carrots in the house and I needed something to bite besides my nails as I read the book. EB gave this book a solid 5 carrots.

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