Happy Easter! – Busy Day


Busy day yesterday helping to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thank you, Jesus!

EB got home late after lots of Easter fun with friends. Then we watched the Bible on television. He asked me to wish everyone a Happy Easter but told me not to wake him up.  Hopefully, he won’t be too cranky when he wakes up. I am prepared though – have lots of fresh carrots on hand and some Bailey’s Irish Cream.



Easter Novel 2/18, 2/19 and 2/20 – A Fun, Entertaining, Uplifting Read

FREE Download 2/18, 2/19, and 2/20Cover-A Rabbit's Tale_661

Over 60 reviews – 4.3 Stars out of 5

Juan’s life is about to change, unfortunately, not for the better. “This can’t be my life!” If you’ve ever felt trapped in a life that you wish had turned out differently, or wondered, “Where is God?” this suspense-filled Christian fantasy will captivate you. This is the story of two men whose paths cross briefly during their childhood, then again during adulthood. Juan does his best to lead a normal life, after a freakishly bizarre accident. While trying to establish some kind of normalcy and dealing with the strange side effects, he finds himself caught up in a web of suspense and danger as he tries to help a friend bring an evil, cunning, and power hungry ego-maniac to justice. In the process, Juan receives a very special gift.

“This is not a fairy tale…as you’re reading along don’t be surprised if you smile often and even laugh out loud. Diogenes is a great story teller.” – Fr. David McBriar O.F.M.

A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story Hits #1 on Amazon

Thank you to all who have helped A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story climb to #1 on Amazon,
during our Free Promotion.

EB Counts Down to Easter

Easter Bunny promotes book
EB gives a copy of A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story to his friend, the one with the fifty rabbit tattoos.

In less than two months, Easter will be here. Make sure you stock up on Peeps!

To celebrate the official release, the book will be available as a free Kindle book on March 5,6,7,8, and 9, 2014.

In a statement issued earlier today EB says:

“I hope folks will enjoy this clever and amusing story. I’ve endorsed it as one of the best books written in the spirit of Easter. And, although Easter is all about the risen Jesus and not about me, although lovable bunny that I am, I would recommend it for general audiences. So, grab a carrot, get the book, and enjoy a good read.” – EB

Heart Pounding Suspense Co-mingled With Profound Thought

Diogenes Ruiz has written a page-turner at which even big pharma might gasp. Well drawn characters never lose their lines. Perfect timing delivers delightful, frightful, and hilarious bombshells and quips. (shades of Carl Hiaasen) Anchored in the childhood of its two main characters,  a good boy and a bad one, they lose track of one another in adulthood. The sadistic bully is a dangerous criminal. The good boy attempts to have a good life and normal marriage. The finale offers heart pounding suspense co-mingled with profound thought. Thank heaven “Persistent Evil” is not far off!

-Nancy Stout

Persistent Evil Cover

Google Maps, Easter Eggs, TARDIS, Ohh my!

ImageOK – so, EB and I are surfing the web and we find out that Google Maps easter egg lets you explore the TARDIS – http://tcrn.ch/17mMCaX

EB turned to me and said “What the *(&(^%$ ?”

Trying to explain TARDIS and Google Map stuff to EB. He just wasn’t getting it. He things humans are a bit crazy, traveling through space in phone booths and all.

EB: What’s a TARDIS anyway? It sounds like a person from the south saying “Tired of This.”
Me: It’s a Doctor Who thing.
EB: Who’s Dr. Who?
Me: It a British Scifi show about traveling through space in a phone booth.
EB: I need for you to explain all of this to me. I just don’t see how an Easter egg let’s you explore this thing. What do you have to do sit on the Easter Egg to make it work?
Me: No, I don’t think that’s how it works.
EB: Did you hide Easter Eggs in our book, A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story, you now the one that you keep annoying people with, saying that it is a future Pulitzer Prize Winner?
Me: Not now EB, I’m really getting tardis.

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