Wonder Upon Wonder – Your Love Never Ends
Beautiful soulful singing by Eugene Taylor. Take a pause, listen and enjoy.


EB Discovers The Rhythm of Life

EB_ROLThe beloved Easter Bunny, or EB as he is known to his friends and loyal fans, has given Eugene Taylor’s The Rhythm of Life CD five carrots! When asked why he gave Taylor’s music such a high rating, he said,

“Most of the stuff I’m hearing these days sounds the same. Taylor’s CD made me want to hop like I used to. It brought out the hopeful bunny in me. Yes, even the Easter Bunny gets in a rut sometimes, listening to all the awful news on TV and hearing the same old mind-numbing rump a thump thumping banter that gets the vast majority of airplay. I just can’t stop listening to Eugene Taylor’s music. The guy is brilliant! His musical partner, what’s his name, is OK too.”

When asked about a favorite track on The Rhythm of Life album, he said,

“I have two favorite tracks. The Rhythm of Life because of it’s great groove and Tears because I like bears. Although I like them better with eyes. You just have to listen to it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

We asked EB if he purchased the digital copy of the album or the actual CD.

“I downloaded the digital album off Amazon. Here’s the link. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01EE9NJB4/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp. People should get it and support Taylor. I think the music is outstanding. It’s fresh, good for hopping and good for hoping. Listen to it while munching on a good carrot.”


For more information about Eugene Taylor and his music visit http://www.drumprophet.com


Jenn Jinks – Music to Anyone’s Ears

EB got a chance to hang out with Jenn Jinks today. She is an awesome singer and EB is one of her biggest fans. After Jenn’s regular piano player was delayed due to a severe weggie accident, EB came to the rescue and was able to accompany her at an important rehearsal. Jenn is getting ready to release an album and EB did his best to play her songs.

Jenn with EB 1

Overall, the rehearsal turned out great. EB was particularly taken by Jenn’s beautiful voice and also because she was dressed like a carrot in that orange dress.

EB and Jenn 2

When I saw him later this afternoon, he couldn’t stop telling me about how he is Jenn’s right hand rabbit. She promised him an autographed copy of her new CD and so he has official bragging rights and wants everyone to know it. EB threatened to poke my eyes out while I sleep if I didn’t post a link to Jenn’s Kickstarter campaign. She is self funding her album and he wants everyone to go and help her out. 

EB is counting on you, (for that matter so am I since I have to live with him and there’s no telling what this crazy rabbit will do) go there today and pledge whatever you can. Here is the Kickstarter link.

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