Chess with EB – Big Mistake!

Chess with EB

EB and I sat down for a couple of games of chess. I won the first three, so we played a fourth. I won that one too. Then, EB said we should make the game more interesting.

EB: How about we play for some peeps.
me: OK, but if I win you clean the house, while I relax and read a book.
EB: Wow – that’s a lot of work. We have to make it a fair equivalent.
me: what do you think cleaning the house is worth in terms of peeps value?
EB: I’m thinking somewhere around six or seven tons.
me: What are you crazy? That way out of wack!
EB: Well, they are light.
me: Yeah, but that will cost me a fortune.
EB: OK, we’ll keep it cost of cleaning a house to cost of peeps.
me: OK, that sounds reasonable. If I win you clean the house. If you win I’ll buy you however many packs of peeps you can get for the cost I would pay a cleaning service to clean the house.
EB: OK, sounds fair. The house is pretty dirty though.
me: No it’s not!
EB: Well, my standard for clean might not be your standard for clean.
me: Do you want to play or not?
EB: OK, Let’s flip a coin to see who goes first.

Less than 15 minutes after the start of that fifth game, I wound up owing 40 cases of peeps to EB. I’m embarrased to admit it, but I was hustled by the Easter Bunny.


Easter Bunny’s Snowy Day

Easter Bunny Sees Snow

EB came in this morning all excited after he stepped outside and discovered that we had snow. It was still coming down. Soon after, our friends Dixie and Doodles came over to play. They are two of our favorite canine friends. We were all out for a while, in the back yard. EB, Dixie and I came in after we started to get a little too cold. Doodles decided to stay outside to play in the snow.  We spent most of the morning looking on line to see how many people were getting our book “A Rabbit’s Tale and Easter Story”. So far five have been sold. EB looked at me and said, “Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Besides, it’s too good a story. Once a few people read it, word will spread. Maybe our blogging buddies can help spread the word.”

Then we started to talk about the upcoming Easter holiday. EB likes to plan early. We had hot chocolate along with a few peeps. Dixie played with her favorite bone.  After lunch we watched some cartoons. Several hours later, we went back outside. Dixie (left) ran over to talk to Doodles. But, Doodles (right) just gave her the cold shoulder.

We all came inside and are waiting for Doodles to warm up a bit.


Everyone’s a Critic, Even the Easter Bunny

Rabbit's Tale - Rabbit Critic2Today I sat down and talked with EB about my book. He was upset a few days ago when I told him that Easter was not about him, but about Jesus. He seemed to be over that. Now he has decided to be Mr. Book Critic.

me: What’s wrong EB, didn’t like my book? Why do you think I have issues?
EB: Well for one thing, that guy Monty in the book is very scary.
me: Yeah, but he’s supposed to be scary.
EB: Why couldn’t you just write about how much Jesus loved yellow peeps and things like that.
me: The story takes place today, not in the time of Jesus. Besides, I can’t write that. There were no marshmallow peeps back then.
EB: He turned water into wine didn’t He? Maybe He turned a rock into a peep, and nobody wrote about it. The apostles seemed to want to fall asleep as the most inconvenient times. Maybe they were asleep when He did it.
me: EB, I think you’re missing the point. This book is a modern story. It’s a suspensful thriller that has at its heart the true meaning of Easter. It’s not set in the time of Jesus, it is set today.
EB” Well, I guess I don’t like this good vs. evil stuff. The suspense is too much for me. Although I must admit, there were a few funny parts.
me: So you liked those?
EB: Yeah, but if you ever make a movie out of this, I want to be consulted on any scenes that involve candy.
me: No problem. I would love your candy expertise.
EB: So, when is it out.
me: I think it will be available on Wednesday on Amazon.
EB: You mean people will have to go to South America to get a copy.
me: No, Amazon is online. They can get it online.
EB: So, was it fun to write?
me: Yeah, but something really freaky happened on the cover.
EB: Tell me tomorrow, all this suspensful thriller stuff has made me hungry – need a carrot.

What is Your Favorite Candy?

peepsWe sat down today to talk about food. With all that candy on Easter, I always wondered what EB’s favorite pick would be.

me: What’s your favorite candy?
EB: Peeps is the most important part of a balanced fun diet.
me: What is your favorite color Peeps?
EB: Why, yellow of course, you can have all the colors in the rainbow. But, there’s something about a yellow peeps that you just can resist. I especially like how my rabbit paws get all sticky. I can spend hours licking them after a good peeps feast.

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