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We come to the end of another Easter Sunday. But Easter is really all year. It is an everyday, equal-opportunity miracle. There are still a few hours left. Download a copy of A Rabbit’s Tale and see what I mean. Suitable for readers age 13+.



Easter Novel 2/18, 2/19 and 2/20 – A Fun, Entertaining, Uplifting Read

FREE Download 2/18, 2/19, and 2/20Cover-A Rabbit's Tale_661

Over 60 reviews – 4.3 Stars out of 5

Juan’s life is about to change, unfortunately, not for the better. “This can’t be my life!” If you’ve ever felt trapped in a life that you wish had turned out differently, or wondered, “Where is God?” this suspense-filled Christian fantasy will captivate you. This is the story of two men whose paths cross briefly during their childhood, then again during adulthood. Juan does his best to lead a normal life, after a freakishly bizarre accident. While trying to establish some kind of normalcy and dealing with the strange side effects, he finds himself caught up in a web of suspense and danger as he tries to help a friend bring an evil, cunning, and power hungry ego-maniac to justice. In the process, Juan receives a very special gift.

“This is not a fairy tale…as you’re reading along don’t be surprised if you smile often and even laugh out loud. Diogenes is a great story teller.” – Fr. David McBriar O.F.M.

Free Kindle Book Giveaway for Easter

Well friends, Easter is almost here. I’d like to first thank you for stopping by and for reading some of my crazy posts. Secondly, I want to encourage you to get your free copy of my book. Whether you are a believer or not, I think you will find it to be a good read. For those of you who are followers of Christ, I think you will find something special  in this tale. If you know someone who might like a copy, please forward the link to them as well.   Happy Easter 🙂

A Rabbit's Tale An Easter Story Giveaway

RabbitsTaleCoverHelp me give away 20,000 books.
If you enjoy, please post your review on Amazon.

Peace and all good ~ Diogenes Ruiz

A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story – Free Kindle Download 2 Days

RabbitsTaleCover A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story is available as a free Kindle ebook download today 3/15 and tomorrow 3/16. Visit to get your copy.

EB just got back from Rome and he was all excited about the new Pope. He is feeling very generous so he suggested we give the book away in celebration of our new pope.

Easter Bunny at bookstore

Great Read! – Welcome to Lent 2013

Rabbits Tale Book Cover

“A Rabbits Tale An Easter Story” is officially released today, on Amazon. Pick up your copy today and read it during Lent. Let me know what you think. I would really love to hear from you.

While the book is entertaining, it dives into issues that we all face about our mortality, our faith, God’s plan, and the choices we make. The struggle between good and evil is at the center of this story, along with the true meaning and significance of Easter. (and it’s not a rabbit with candy eggs, EB will hate me for saying that).

The story takes place in present day. It is suspenseful and moves pretty quickly. I think you will enjoy it. As we begin the season of Lent today, my wish for you is that you are renewed and strengthened by your personal journey these 40 days.

Peace and all good,
(EB’s best pal)

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