The Suicide Society


EB and I recently came across the work of fellow Christian author William Brennan Knight. Although his work is not necessarily Christian fiction, it is fiction that touches on interesting themes for Christian readers, suicide, evil, and hope. William does not preach on any of these issues, nor does he reference scripture in this work, but his cleverly woven story makes one think about the root causes of so much suffering in our world. Evil takes many forms and in this case William Brennan Knight has crafted a story that proposes a fictional yet fascinating answer to the question, “Why is there so much suffering in this world?”  This novel does not employ gratuitous violence, but there are a few gripping and disturbing scenes. If you enjoy reading stories with elements of horror, loaded with suspense, featuring a detestable villain, and an unlikely protagonist, The Suicide Society is a must read.

William Brennan Knight

What led you to write this story? and What got you interested in writing?
I have always had an interest in writing from an early age. For some reason, I was always more interested in writing longer fiction rather than short stories. The Suicide Society spanned nearly a decade, and I wrote it sporadically as time would allow as I started a business and raised a family. It was a project I felt compelled to complete.

How did you choose suicide as the driver for the story?
Suicide has always been one of life’s deepest mysteries to me. I find it difficult to understand how people can find themselves in a place so dark and devoid of hope. The Bible repeatedly confirms the sanctity of life as in Exodus 20:13. In the Suicide Society, I looked at the possibility of another cause tied directly to the influence of Satan.

Did you ever attempt suicide or know someone who has?
I have never attempted suicide, but I have encountered it first hand. There is nothing more devastating for a family to deal with. It’s tragic and heartbreaking.

Did you create an outline or did you write the story that was already playing in your head?
I have a general idea for a story, but outlines don’t work for me because the characters inevitably take the story in the direction they choose. I’m just along for the ride.

Is there a part of the story which was particularly challenging?
The Benefactor’s cruelty startled me. As the story developed, I grew to despise the character as he embodied the worst of humanity. I never doubted the outcome, but several scenes were difficult to write.

How we’re the characters inspired? Did you base them on people you know or make them up?
The characters were very loosely based on people I know, except for the Benefactor. Fortunately, I have never known anyone that I consider evil.

As a fiction author who happens to be Christian, is there anything you’d like folks to take away from reading your book, or was it simply to entertain your audience?
The book is mostly entertainment, but I hope the overriding message is that good always overcomes evil and that darkness and despair are always temporary. A brighter day is always just around the corner. Keep your faith intact no matter how hopeless the situation may appear.

Is there a scene or part of the book that you particularly enjoyed writing?
I was pleased with the ending. As I approached the end of the book, I was unsure how it would end. It was a moment of inspiration that pleased me.

Do you have another book in the works? If so, can you tell us about it?
The next book is called “The Time Sculptors.” It is a sci-fi thriller. I like to provide solutions for inexplicable situations. The story resolves around the growing psychosis in our society. Why is it happening? Who is behind it. I hope to have it completed by the first of the year.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for the chance to convey my thoughts, and I hope everyone who reads The Suicide Society enjoys it! Keep the faith and God Bless.


I had to read The Suicide Society out loud to EB. He was too afraid to read it by himself. At one point he was gnawing on two carrots at the same time. I had to take one away because they were the last two carrots in the house and I needed something to bite besides my nails as I read the book. EB gave this book a solid 5 carrots.


Fireside Popsicles – Stricking Fear in the Hearts of Humans and Rabbits

EB_Fireside Read600xAt last, EB and I received our copy of Fireside Popsicles. We could not put the blasted thing down. We are almost finished reading and are wondering if the brain damage is permanent. We saw no warning label on the book, so we dove right in. By the time we got to the thirteenth story, EB and I were ready for spiked carrots.

Congrats to Sheila Hall and M.c. O’Neill at Fireside Press for putting it all together – an to all of the authors that participated in this unique anthology. If you want your very own copy of this little gem, click here.


Fireside Popsicles or First Sign of the Apocalypse

An anthology of Bizarro and Horror fiction. – Stories with a twist ending, that will thrill and chill you by the fireside.

If you like sizzling, fantastic, horrific, suspenseful, and wonderfully bizarre story telling, then grab your copy of this anthology. You can do so by going to the Kickstarter campaign and claiming your copy.

Fireside PopsiclesWhat is a Christian fiction author doing in a bizarro collection? Well, as it happens, EB (Easter Bunny) was hypnotized by M.c. Oneill. (see photo of strange man with supernatural hair, bottom right – next to woman with X-ray vision, Sheila Hall, bottom left. – Would you trust these two people with your pets?) M.c. used a lemon popsicle for the hypnosis. EB then threatened me with death by concealed carrot trauma (known as CCT in rabbit mafia circles) if I did not comply. Sheila Hall tackle hugged every author. She then applied her deadly wedgie lock, (this technique was outlawed in China in Sumo wrestling matches). She succeeded in getting the authors to submit their stories on time.
There are over twenty outstanding authors in this collection. Sheila Hall and M.c. Oneill are the master minds behind this anthology. Please note that the authors and publishers of Fireside Popsicles are not responsible for any therapy sessions that you may require after reading the book.

Sheila HallM.c. OneillI’d like to thank Sheila and M.c. for allowing me to me be a part of this wonderful collection and to be in the company of incredible writers.

Please support this project and all of the folks that made it possible. Not doing so will fulfill the doomsday prophecy.

Let’s keep the world Apocalypse free. Order your copy of Fireside Popsicles today!

Here is a list of the authors.

James Ward Kirk
Pedro Proença
Jeremy Maddux
Jeremy C. Shipp
Bradley Sands
Dionne Lister
Dave Eccles
Diogenes Ruiz
Sheila Hall
M.c. O’Neill
Mercedes Murdock Yardley
Alex S. Johnson
Persiphone Hellecat
Douglas Hackle
Max Booth III
MJ Sydney
Rick Austin
Becky Flade
Baz Barry NoVa
J.C. Michael
Gabino Iglesias
Troy Blackford
Trevor Paul Halliday
Trevor Neale

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