Dixie Doggy Wisdom

Rabbit's Best Friend

While the humans were away, Dixie and I took the opportunity to lay around outside and ponder the meaning of life. She is an extraordinary hound.

EB: How old are you Dixie?
Dixie: I celebrated my fourteenth birthday this week. That means that I am 98 in human years.
EB: Did you have any difficulties training your humans.
Dixie: No, I’ve got them trained to give treats after I poop and peep!
EB: Wow! That is extraordinary.
Dixie: You’ve got to be consistent in their training. But more importantly, you must let them think that they are training you.
EB: What is the best advice you can give to others.
Dixie: Dogs or humans?
EB: Both.
Dixie: To my fellow canines I would say, trust your nose. If it smells like a old poop it probably is. To humans I would say they need to find a cure for their angry man disease. They have all the symptoms except foaming at the mouth. If they’re not careful, the world might go to the dogs.
EB: What is the meaning of life?
Dixie: Nothing, unless you take the time to be kind and enjoy the sniff. As you probably know we are here to look after humans. Some of them suspect this but most are oblivious and are obsessed with collecting green paper, plastic rectangles and hoarding inorganic material.
EB: Are you worried about humans.
Dixie: Yes, they are very confused about right and wrong.


Koontz – Big Little Surprise

Reading Book with EB
I asked EB if he wanted to read “a big little life” with me. He was hesitant at first, but once we started, he was hooked, so was I. It’s a memoir of Dean Koontz’s dog, Trixie, a wonderful golden retriever. EB didn’t think he would be interested in a book about a dog.  As it turned out, he made me sit in the truck and keep reading until we finished it. EB can be a little OCD. Anyway, he loved the book and so did I. This is not like most of Koontz’s books since its a memoir, but it was a great read. We both fell in love with Trixie. It was full of magic moments and insights as a result of his relationship with this beautiful animal.

One of the things that made this book special was getting a glimpse into the life of Dean Koontz. What type of person is he? Personally, I think he’s a great writer who can appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary.

WIth so many fallen heroes today, it was nice to find out that someone that you admire is in reality a generous and kind person. I will enjoy reading his books even more having had a glimpse of the person behind the thrillers.  I have to admit that having read several of Koontz novels, he was one of the inspirations for the villain in A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story. As I was writing it, I kept asking myself how might Dean Koontz construct, Monty, my villain. So, I guess I owe Mr. Koontz a bit of thanks as well for helping me come up with a character readers love to hate.

If you are Koontz fan pick this one up but know that it is a different type of book. If you haven’t read Koontz, dig in, there are plenty of juicy selections. Happy reading!


Best Dressed Easter Dog Gets 5 Carrot Award

EB came across this picture which he just had to share with you. It’s of his newest friend Dante. http://thedantediaries.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/rabbit-rabbit-rabbit-16/5CarrotAward

Dante is one of the best dressed dogs, in the world. No other canine has such a highly developed sense of fashion. Note the matching pink ensemble. EB wanted to award his prestigious 5 Carrot Award to Dante.

Congratulations my fine canine friend!

Something to Wag About

EasterBunny1I saw a short video the other day and there was my friend Dixie in the opening scene. Wow, I was surprised and thrilled.  I haven’t seen her in a long time. People think that dogs and rabbits can’t get along, but that’s just not true. It depends on the dog and depends on the rabbit.

I think that animals and people are pretty much the same, in one respect. When we’re happy, we just gotta shake something.

In the clip, see if you have a favorite wag and let me know which one it is. And does anybody know if Cuchibomba is a real place?

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