A Flock of Birds and a Friar

Fr David_SQ

I’m very excited that Fr. David has accepted my invitation to participate in the Birds of Passage anthology. In 2008 David McBriar celebrated 50 years as a Franciscan friar of Holy Name Province. Fr. David was the first Franciscan pastor of St. Francis of Assisi in Raleigh, and when his term as pastor was complete, he became pastor of Immaculate Conception in Durham. He has returned to St. Francis as a senior friar. Fr. David has published three books of homilies and is working on a fourth. He is a champion for social justice and was instrumental in the formation of Passage Home. Visit http://edgychristianfiction.com/2015/07/31/anthology/ for more about “Birds of Passage.” (all proceeds, 100%,  go to Passage Home – to help in their effort to fight poverty)


Jarrod Edge Joins Birds of Passage Anthology

Author Jarrod Edge72SQ

Jarrod Edge is the latest author to join the Birds of Passage Anthology.  He is the author of the E7Prophecy™ Christian sci-fi fantasy series. Jarrod loves spending time with his wife, Lisa, and their four children. He is currently working on several short stories in a series named The Acts of the Dragons, also a part of the E7Prophecy™ series. Each of his four children will co-author individual short stories about the “acts” of Rebecca, Matthew, Jacob, and Elizabeth. Jarrod and his family are Christians and love learning about and growing in the Lord.

Birds of Passage

For more informations on the Birds of Passage anthology and its fight against poverty, as well as a complete list of participating authors, click here.

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