EB and I visited McDonalds today while we waited for our truck to get an oil change. 

EB: What’s with the sign?

Me: It’s there so folks know that they can only refill their drink on the same visit, exactly what it says.

EB: You mean people came back later after leaving to refill their drinks?

Me: I’m sure McDonald’s didn’t put up the sign without a real need for it.

EB:  How can people think it’s OK to just keep coming back for more after they’ve left?

Me: I don’t know, EB. It’s probably a common thing in fast food places.

EB: It’s not enough that they give you nearly a gallon of tea for a buck?

Me: I guess not, EB. Don’t worry about it.

EB: That’s the kind of thing that really irritates me about you humans.

Me: I didn’t know illegal refills would get you so upset.

EB: Do you think people hang on to a cup for more than a day and come back for a refill the next day?

Me: I don’t know.

EB: Maybe a week, a month – you think even a year?

Me: Don’t know, EB. Forget about it.

EB: You think some rich old guy left his McDonalds cup in his will so his descendants could get free refills in perpetuity?

Me: I doubt it. Why are you obsessing about this?

EB: What happens to violators?

Me: I don’t know. I suppose they are asked not to do it.

EB: They should have Ronald McDonald take violators out back and give them a good kick in the…

Me: OK, that’s enough. Did you eat a spiked carrot or something?

EB: Those size 48’s would leave quiet an impression on a violator’s derrière. Don’t you think?

Me: OK, we gotta go. I just received a text. Our truck is ready.

We leave McDonalds and walk toward the inspection station.

EB: Wait!

Me: What?

EB: I have to go back.

Me: Why?

EB: Need a refill before we go.

Me: But, we’ve already left.

EB: No we didn’t!

Me: Yes, we did.

EB: Not technically.

Me: What’s that supposed to mean?

EB: I still have my cup.

Me: So?

EB: So, I still have my cup. I haven’t thrown it away yet. I can still get a refill.

Me: No you can’t. Don’t you remember the sign?

EB: That’s only if you’ve been gone for a while.

Me: That’s nuts. How long is that supposed to be?

EB: As long as it takes for the staff to forget about you?

Me: We left more than five minutes ago. We are a half a block from McDonalds. Now you are making up the rules simply to suit you? What happened to Ronald McDonalds and his size 48’s upon a violator’s derrière?

EB: You obviously don’t understand the spirit of the sign.

Me: Spirit of the sign? You have got to be kidding.

EB: You’re right.

Me: I’m glad you agree.

EB: Yeah, I’ll just get my refill at the other McDonalds, near our house.