Well, it was a rough 2014 for EB. He was kidnapped by space aliens and taken to a carrot less planet. They mistook him for their long lost ruler. It took them a while to realize their mistake. Late last month he was found by his old friend Mounir Saleh, wandering the streets of North Raleigh. EB had not eaten any carrots or hummus since he last posted to his blog several month ago, and he was babbling something about baba-ganoush. Mounir took him in and saved EB from going completely loco by treating him to Sassool. (the best mediterranean restaurant in the solar system) He had fresh carrots, hummus and baclava. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sassool/423047231172249).

EB is on the mend and asked me to post a Happy New Year to everyone.

Wishing everyone a wonderful happy and healthy 2015.