I was walking across a parking lot recently. Among the leaves that littered the area, I noticed one that was half eaten away. I could still make out its shape. Against the black asphalt and among all of the other leaves, it looked small, meaningless, insignificant and powerless. It’s colors were muted and it looked hopelessly lost among all the other leaves. It would have probably decomposed without as much as a whisper on humanity.

I picked it up and held it up to the light and this is what I saw: A beautiful and delicate leaf of rich, vibrant color. And, because much of it was eaten away, it had an amazing lace-like pattern that made it even more interesting and beautiful. Instead of a leaf that was dying, I saw a leaf that was being transformed. I saw purpose and an order that only the light could reveal.

Perhaps this leaf is very much like you and me. At times, we feel small, meaningless, insignificant, powerless and broken. But when we are held up to the light, our unique beauty is revealed. God holds each one of us up to the light – broken, imperfect, and dying as we may be. God is the light.

Stop. Hold yourself and hold others up to the light. Take the time to see the beauty that is revealed.