ImageOK – so, EB and I are surfing the web and we find out that Google Maps easter egg lets you explore the TARDIS –

EB turned to me and said “What the *(&(^%$ ?”

Trying to explain TARDIS and Google Map stuff to EB. He just wasn’t getting it. He things humans are a bit crazy, traveling through space in phone booths and all.

EB: What’s a TARDIS anyway? It sounds like a person from the south saying “Tired of This.”
Me: It’s a Doctor Who thing.
EB: Who’s Dr. Who?
Me: It a British Scifi show about traveling through space in a phone booth.
EB: I need for you to explain all of this to me. I just don’t see how an Easter egg let’s you explore this thing. What do you have to do sit on the Easter Egg to make it work?
Me: No, I don’t think that’s how it works.
EB: Did you hide Easter Eggs in our book, A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story, you now the one that you keep annoying people with, saying that it is a future Pulitzer Prize Winner?
Me: Not now EB, I’m really getting tardis.