EB got a chance to hang out with Jenn Jinks today. She is an awesome singer and EB is one of her biggest fans. After Jenn’s regular piano player was delayed due to a severe weggie accident, EB came to the rescue and was able to accompany her at an important rehearsal. Jenn is getting ready to release an album and EB did his best to play her songs.

Jenn with EB 1

Overall, the rehearsal turned out great. EB was particularly taken by Jenn’s beautiful voice and also because she was dressed like a carrot in that orange dress.

EB and Jenn 2

When I saw him later this afternoon, he couldn’t stop telling me about how he is Jenn’s right hand rabbit. She promised him an autographed copy of her new CD and so he has official bragging rights and wants everyone to know it. EB threatened to poke my eyes out while I sleep if I didn’t post a link to Jenn’s Kickstarter campaign. She is self funding her album and he wants everyone to go and help her out. 

EB is counting on you, (for that matter so am I since I have to live with him and there’s no telling what this crazy rabbit will do) go there today and pledge whatever you can. Here is the Kickstarter link.