Easter Bunny Romance?

Bunny Romance

I’m not sure what’s going on in this picture. Well, that’s not true. I do know what’s going on. EB denies that it’s him in the photo. He claims that it’s some other rabbit. (yeah right!)  But, he’s wearing your tie! I told him. Still, he claims there are lots of ties that look like that. Is anybody buying this? What advice should I give EB. What would you say to my rabbit friend?

Google Maps, Easter Eggs, TARDIS, Ohh my!

ImageOK – so, EB and I are surfing the web and we find out that Google Maps easter egg lets you explore the TARDIS –

EB turned to me and said “What the *(&(^%$ ?”

Trying to explain TARDIS and Google Map stuff to EB. He just wasn’t getting it. He things humans are a bit crazy, traveling through space in phone booths and all.

EB: What’s a TARDIS anyway? It sounds like a person from the south saying “Tired of This.”
Me: It’s a Doctor Who thing.
EB: Who’s Dr. Who?
Me: It a British Scifi show about traveling through space in a phone booth.
EB: I need for you to explain all of this to me. I just don’t see how an Easter egg let’s you explore this thing. What do you have to do sit on the Easter Egg to make it work?
Me: No, I don’t think that’s how it works.
EB: Did you hide Easter Eggs in our book, A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story, you now the one that you keep annoying people with, saying that it is a future Pulitzer Prize Winner?
Me: Not now EB, I’m really getting tardis.

Beware of the Teeth Police – Whatever you do, Don’t Cancel!


EB and I had appointments with the dentist for our regular check ups. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. But EB became obsessed with not going. He kept trying to convince me to cancel the appointment. I told him that would not be wise, especially the way he chomps on carrots. Neither of us had been to the dentist for awhile. He wouldn’t stop insisting on canceling our appointment. So, I finally gave in and was about to call the dentist. He was him being such a baby. I’d just about had it.

That was, until EB read Dave Eccles’ new book Darke Times. It’s an intense collection of short stories. All of a sudden, EB insisted that we not cancel our appointment. I didn’t know what got into him. He was a different rabbit. I thought he had developed a form of rabbit schizophrenia.

When I asked EB why he changed his mind about the dentist, he gave me Dave’s creepy story to read, “The Teeth Police.”  I read it and decided that EB was right. We’d better keep our appointment less we suffer the same fate as the poor fool in the story. It scared the carrots out of EB, and I had to agree that it would not be wise to upset our dentist.

We both made it out of the dentist office in one piece. Thanks to Kelly who was great. She even downloaded a free copy of A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story which is free on Amazon until end of day Saturday. We didn’t feel a thing as she worked on our teeth, and by some miracle EB had no cavities, neither did I.

Life is good.

Free Will? What if It’s Not Yours?

What if you discovered that your free will was a deception, a lie? Everything that you enjoyed, all that you thought, everything that made you unique and genuinely you, was really someone else? What if your discovery made you the target of a relentless and persistent evil, an evil so deep and encompassing that there was no place where you could hide? It wants you dead.

Persistent Evil Cover

It’s the story of a demonic world that systematically high jacks the souls of the unsuspecting. A creepy and disturbing story which begs the question, “Where the hell is God?” This story begins where A Rabbit Tale An Easter Story ends.

Look for Persistent Evil on Amazon 2014.

Jenn Jinks – Music to Anyone’s Ears

EB got a chance to hang out with Jenn Jinks today. She is an awesome singer and EB is one of her biggest fans. After Jenn’s regular piano player was delayed due to a severe weggie accident, EB came to the rescue and was able to accompany her at an important rehearsal. Jenn is getting ready to release an album and EB did his best to play her songs.

Jenn with EB 1

Overall, the rehearsal turned out great. EB was particularly taken by Jenn’s beautiful voice and also because she was dressed like a carrot in that orange dress.

EB and Jenn 2

When I saw him later this afternoon, he couldn’t stop telling me about how he is Jenn’s right hand rabbit. She promised him an autographed copy of her new CD and so he has official bragging rights and wants everyone to know it. EB threatened to poke my eyes out while I sleep if I didn’t post a link to Jenn’s Kickstarter campaign. She is self funding her album and he wants everyone to go and help her out. 

EB is counting on you, (for that matter so am I since I have to live with him and there’s no telling what this crazy rabbit will do) go there today and pledge whatever you can. Here is the Kickstarter link.

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