Unstoppable Is Unstoppable on Sept 24


Kirk Cameron’s new movie Unstoppable has got some folks’ panties in a twister. Read here about Facebook’s attempt to block fans from posting links to the movie. I’ve always admired Kirk Cameron. The guy is not afraid to live his faith wide open.  EB and I look forward to watching Kirk’s thought provoking new movie on September 24. Check out the trailer for Unstoppable.


…and so The Black Man and The Rabbit Argued

William D. Burton and EB

Hung out with EB and William today. (William is the one on the left.) William and I perform together at area clubs. He has written close to a hundred songs. The guy is a genius. He and EB get into philosophical discussions every so often when we are on our way to a gig and I just stay out of it. Listening to the two of them carry on about the woes of the world and the crazy hypothesis each of them come up with, is like being sucked into a vortex. My eyes glaze over and everything starts to spin.

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. What should I expect when the Easter Bunny (that mild mannered rabbit with an occasional attitude) and William D. Burton (a performer who has opened for Muddy Waters and Crosby Stills and writes songs with lyrics like: “It was raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock and my jalopy was in the shop.”) get together to bend time and space with their dialogue?

Today was a little weird as the two of them started arguing over my book, A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story. William suggested that I change the name of the book and re-release it. EB thought that was a dumb idea. Here’s a brief glimpse of their conversation.

Burton: …yeah, you should change it to something like The Far-Fetched But True Happenings of An Accidental Rabbit or Big Ears But Blind.
EB: What the %*&# are you talking about, William? What kind of titles are those. Do you want the guy to starve by not selling any books? Stick to songwriting and leave book titles to the experts.
Burton: Experts? Oh, you mean like you? Of course, how silly of me. Why name the book something that people might actually be interested in reading, when you can call it A Rabbit’s Tale? – and an egotistical one at that. Unless it has “Easter” or “Rabbit” in the title, you’re just not happy are you?
EB: You can’t fight what the public wants. They want me!
Burton: Put a carrot in it, EB.

So much for enlightened dialogue. My brain started to ooze out of my ears after ten minutes of this.

Here’s the thing. While the book has references to Easter, it is about a guy who gets into some real hot water trying to help a friend. So, there is suspense and humor in it. To make matters more complicated, after the book was finished, I got the idea of how the story continues. It didn’t start out this way, but it has turned into a multi-book project, with a third book already in the works. The second book, Persistent Evil, will be released sometime next year.

While the story lines make sense from one book to the other, can the book titles for a trilogy really go from “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story” to “Persistent Evil” to “The Stilling?”

Since William and EB have done nothing but make me more confused about this, perhaps you can leave me your thoughts. If you’ve read A Rabbit’s Tale, I would be very interested in your thoughts.

Dixie Doggy Wisdom

Rabbit's Best Friend

While the humans were away, Dixie and I took the opportunity to lay around outside and ponder the meaning of life. She is an extraordinary hound.

EB: How old are you Dixie?
Dixie: I celebrated my fourteenth birthday this week. That means that I am 98 in human years.
EB: Did you have any difficulties training your humans.
Dixie: No, I’ve got them trained to give treats after I poop and peep!
EB: Wow! That is extraordinary.
Dixie: You’ve got to be consistent in their training. But more importantly, you must let them think that they are training you.
EB: What is the best advice you can give to others.
Dixie: Dogs or humans?
EB: Both.
Dixie: To my fellow canines I would say, trust your nose. If it smells like a old poop it probably is. To humans I would say they need to find a cure for their angry man disease. They have all the symptoms except foaming at the mouth. If they’re not careful, the world might go to the dogs.
EB: What is the meaning of life?
Dixie: Nothing, unless you take the time to be kind and enjoy the sniff. As you probably know we are here to look after humans. Some of them suspect this but most are oblivious and are obsessed with collecting green paper, plastic rectangles and hoarding inorganic material.
EB: Are you worried about humans.
Dixie: Yes, they are very confused about right and wrong.

Happy Unplugged 4th of July

Easter BunnyOK, here’s the thing. I took June off. So sue me! I had some planting to do in my garden and I was helping “you know who” with his second book. Plus, sometimes you just need to unplug and not do any online stuff.

I’m wishing you all a Happy 4th of July. Don’t just celebrate your freedom, practice a little of the freedom that you had, by not checking your Facebook page. The irony is that many of us will claim to be celebrating freedom by being balled and chained to our computers and cell phones.

Don’t get me wrong. I love technology and people. But sometimes the crap that is posted is beyond me. Do I really care? is the question that I ask myself after reading some of the stuff people, (nice people) post on Facebook. Below are just a few examples that I copied and pasted to illustrate. I won’t mention any names so I don’t get hate mail. If you see your post,I still love you, but your posts stink.

We have A/C on all three floors now!  – EB: I’m not unsympathetic, but I don’t care.
Packing up the kids for a swim lesson. – EB: Don’t care.
A friend from Virginia visited last night...- EB: Don’t care.
Almost boarding time. -EB: Don’t care.
I’ve been very inspired by my clients recently. – EB: Don’t care.
I’m unpacking and not knowing where anything is. -EB: You’re an idiot.

Maybe I’m just a little annoyed because my new rose bushes are taking a long time to bloom. But it seems that between the online fodder and bad news on TV, we all should take our freedom and exercise it to pull the plug for at least a day.

Have a wonderful 4th of July.

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