EB Pumps Gas

me: What have you been up to these past few weeks, EB?
EB: I’ve been out cruising around North Carolina, checking out good places to eat. I’ve driven over 2000 miles checking out different eateries.
me: What’s your favorite place so far?
EB: Well, ironically, my favorite place is within 3 miles of home, on Strickland Rd, just off Six Forks. It’s called “Neomonde,” which means new world in Lebanese.
me: Why is that one your favorite?
EB: Great carrots is only the beginning! They have an assortment of fresh Mediterranean food, so I never get bored, although I tend to eat the same things over and over.
me: I go there all the time, EB. In fact, I go there and sit for several hours working on my book. It is a great place.
EB: How come you never took me there?
me: I didn’t know you liked Mediterranean food.
EB: You’re joking right? You pretty much know that if you put a carrot in it, I’ll try anything. Well, almost anything.
me: I know, but it just never occurred to me to take you there.
EB: Well, you’ll just have to make up for your lack of rabbit sensitivity. And you call yourself a writer?
me: Sorry. I will make it up to you. We’ll go there this week.
EB: Yeah, let’s plan to do that. We have much to discuss.
me: Like what?
EB: For one, I want to know if you had the final edit done on “A Rabbit’sTale.” You put that book out with all those grammatical errors and you still got great reviews. You are lucky you didn’t get hate mail.
me: The final editing is done. Both the paperback and Kindle version have had the corrections made. As of yesterday, all copies are cleaned up.
EB: Well, there are other things we need to discuss, like the draft of your new book.
me: You read it? What do you think?
EB: I read part of it, and….well, it sucks as much as a book can suck.
me: Geeez, what do you mean?
EB: I’ll explain it all to you when you take me to Neomonde for lunch. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Neomonde-Cafe-Market-Strickland-Road/52209815962?fref=ts And, make sure you bring a large notebook so you can take notes. You have much to learn my human friend.