Reading Book with EB
I asked EB if he wanted to read “a big little life” with me. He was hesitant at first, but once we started, he was hooked, so was I. It’s a memoir of Dean Koontz’s dog, Trixie, a wonderful golden retriever. EB didn’t think he would be interested in a book about a dog.  As it turned out, he made me sit in the truck and keep reading until we finished it. EB can be a little OCD. Anyway, he loved the book and so did I. This is not like most of Koontz’s books since its a memoir, but it was a great read. We both fell in love with Trixie. It was full of magic moments and insights as a result of his relationship with this beautiful animal.

One of the things that made this book special was getting a glimpse into the life of Dean Koontz. What type of person is he? Personally, I think he’s a great writer who can appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary.

WIth so many fallen heroes today, it was nice to find out that someone that you admire is in reality a generous and kind person. I will enjoy reading his books even more having had a glimpse of the person behind the thrillers.  I have to admit that having read several of Koontz novels, he was one of the inspirations for the villain in A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story. As I was writing it, I kept asking myself how might Dean Koontz construct, Monty, my villain. So, I guess I owe Mr. Koontz a bit of thanks as well for helping me come up with a character readers love to hate.

If you are Koontz fan pick this one up but know that it is a different type of book. If you haven’t read Koontz, dig in, there are plenty of juicy selections. Happy reading!