This weekend EB and I went to the Durham Arts Walk. There were a lot of vendors selling great art, jewelry and all kinds of neat things. EB stopped by one table featuring  really cool organizational stuff. Grace, the lady who created all of it, spend a lot of time chit chatting with EB. They really hit it off. EB said if I didn’t write about his new friend, he was going to poke my eyes out with his carrot. So, here is EB with Grace as she showed some items to my impulsive friend.

He was particulary taken with the animals and thought the ipad holders were cool too. EB sat down with Grace and told her that she had to let more folks know about her products. So Grace set up her first blog and EB wants to have his friends show her some love by stopping by at

When you stop by let Grace know that you are a friend of EB’s, that way I won’t have to worry about getting my eyes poked out.