After all of the Easter excitement, I sat down and talked with EB.

me: Well, the epic saga for the Easter Bunny Apocalypse is complete.
EB: Yes, it is a victory for rabbit and writers alike. We were featured in a great tale.
me: Did you enjoy the story?
EB: I did, and as a tribute I’ve posted pictures and names of my new friends. These are the kind of people that make the world a better place.
me: What do you mean?
EB: They have an appreciation for handsome rabbits, such as myself. They need to be recognized.
me: I thought you were featuring them because of the story they wrote in a great collaborative effort.
EB: That too.
me: What are the numbers next to their names?
EB: That’s the chapter they wrote, just to make it easy for folks to know who wrote their favorite chapter.
me: Why did you put a light bulb over the picture of the pretty lady and the guy who looks like he just swallowed the canary?
EB: Ksenia is the one who started this whole epic and got everyone together.
me: What’s next?
EB: Something amazing!

Bunny collectiveCongratulations to all of my bunny loving writer friends!