me: Hey why did you pull out the bongos?
EB: I’m celebrating the ranking of our book. It’s doing pretty well on Amazon.
me: Oh yeah? How can we be doing good on a book we’ve made no money on?
EB Be patient grasshopper, it will come. I copied the rankings and one of the latest reviews here for you.
me: Did you pay her to write that? What? Don’t give me a dirty look, just asking. We need a lot more good reviews don’t we?
EB: Oh unbelieving one, I didn’t pay her. I don’t ever know her. But if I did, I would thank her for those very kind words. Wouldn’t you?
me: Yeah, I guess so. Wow, you made my day EB.
EB: I know. It’s what I do.
5.0 out of 5 stars Creative, Unique, Interesting – Good Book March 21, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase
I agree with the other (first seven) reviewers, this is a good book, well worth reading.
It is impossible to say anything about the story without spoiling it/giving it away.
I knew nothing about it and really enjoyed going along for the ride, wherever it took me.
I got it because it is almost Easter, but it is perfect for any time of the year.
I am glad I read this book.
Well done Diogenes Ruiz, and Thank You!