IMG_0885me: So, how was Rome EB?
EB: It was great. I was invited to be there as Pope Francis was elected and afterwards, when he came out to greet the people for the first time.
me: Yeah, I saw you on TV.
EB: How’d I look?
me: Fine, except I’m not sure you should have stuck your ears into the shot while the pope was greeting people in St. Peter’s Square for the first time. I posted a picture of it and people recognized your ears right away.
EB: It was live TV, what can I say, ears happen. How did it go here? Did you run the free promo for the book this weekend?
me: Yeah, it ran Friday and Saturday. We gave away 3165 free Kindle versions of ‘A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story.”
EB: What? Are you crazy, man?
me: What do you mean?
EB: That’s a lot of free books you gave away?
me: So, that’s what a give-away is. Besides if people read it and like it, perhaps they will write a good review and recommend it to their friends. Everybody wins.
EB: Yeah, but you didn’t get a dime for any of those books you gave away, even if they are in Ebook format.
me: I know, but it was a “give-away” What is it about the word “give-away” that you don’t understand?
EB: It’s just that you are kind of a tight wad, so it is unusual behavior for you.
me: I’m not a tight wad! Why do you say that?
EB: You always struck me as kind of a cheap guy.
me: Why, because I would not buy 3 tons of peeps?
EB: No, you just never spend money on fun stuff like collectable Star Wars figurines, or a Maserati convertible.
me: Yeah, I guess when it comes to that it might appear that I’m a cheap guy to you. Can’t argue with your logic, EB, although right now I do have the urge to pull your ears off. Maybe eventually, if our book sells, I won’t be so cheap and won’t feel like rearranging you ears like I do right now.
EB: Now, don’t get hostile thoughts because of your innate cheapness.
me: Geeez, OK see you later. I have to go get some things done.
EB: Yeah, see you. Don’t forget, we are going out to the carrot bar later, you’re buying!