Easter Bunny and Tim Finkbiner

EB met with Emmy Award winner Tim Finkbiner outside his eight million dollar mansion. Tim was this year’s Emmy recipient in the category of documentary film, for “Birth of a Colony: North Carolina. Tim wanted to talk to EB about “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story”.

Tim: EB, I read the book and it was great. I’m thinking of making it into a movie. What do you think?
EB: You realize that the main character in the book is not me don’t you? It’s some fictional character named Juan Arias.
Tim: Yeah, I realize that, but the story is so good, with the glimpse into his childhood, then we see him as an adult, and that really wierd accident happens. Wow, then the strange side effects, and that dangerous ego maniac is absolutely despicable. There is some great suspensful stuff in it and I couldn’t put it down.
EB: Yeah, well I think a nice movie about a cute bunny who delivers chocolate covered eggs and yellow peeps on Easter might be more interesting.
Tim: I don’t know EB, this book really got me. There was a good Easter message in it and some other really cool and funny stuff. I might read it again. The reviews on Amazon are pretty spot on. I think they are all five out of five stars. Besides, maybe we can write in a cameo apperance for you. After all, you are the Easter Bunny.
EB: Well, I’m glad you noticed. And you must realized that my acting brilliance can’t be wasted on just any movie.
Tim: Of course, of course.
EB. And I would have to have my own dressing room with a constant supply of peeps and organic carrots.
Tim: Why yes, I think we might be able to accomodate that.
Tim: Do you think you can speak to the author about it. I understand you and he are close friends.
EB: Yeah, I could, but I don’t think he’s much interested in the movie thing. He probably would want to make it into a musical. The guy’s a musician. What can I say?
Tim: That makes no sense. This is not a musical. It’s a suspenseful, wild ride of a page-turner, kind of funny too.
EB: Yeah, well, I’ll have to talk to Diogenes about it.
Tim: Is that his real name.
EB: Unfortunately, it is.
Tim: I think it’s kind of cool.
EB: More like being a boy named “Sue” if you asked me. Like in the Johnny Cash song.
Tim: Hmmm, yeah it might have been rough growing up with a wierd name like that.
EB: That explains why he’s a wierd guy.
Tim: Well, see if you can talk him out of the musical and into the movie idea.
EB: I’ll do my best. If all else fails, I play him a game of chess for the movie rights.
Tim: Thanks EB
EB: Don’t mention it… and remember peeps and organic carrots. They must be yellow peeps.
Tim: Got it.

EB and Time Finkbiner