IMG_0754 EB visited the world headquarters of Organic Transit in Durham, North Carolina, where they are revolutionizing transportation with the ELF (Electric Light Fun). It’s a cross between a compact car and a tricycle.

The ELF is a classified as a bicycle. It has a motor which is charged by the solar collector on the roof of the ELF, so you can pedal it with motor assist or without. Or you can travel without pedaling and let the motor do all the work. You never have to plug it in or fill it up with gas. The ELF has mirror on both sides, headlights and brake lights.
EB in ELF 2Inside, the controls are comfortable. The seat is adjustable. The ELF weighs approximately 120 lbs and can zip along at 35 mph. It can legally be driven anywhere you can ride a bicycle. You can carry groceries or whatever you need to carry, in the rear compartment. The cost of the ELF is $4000. If you want to find out more visit

EB is saving up his carrot money so that he can purchase his very own ELF. It will hold a lot of Easter eggs and make delivering Easter baskets a snap with no pollution.