Chess with EB

EB and I sat down for a couple of games of chess. I won the first three, so we played a fourth. I won that one too. Then, EB said we should make the game more interesting.

EB: How about we play for some peeps.
me: OK, but if I win you clean the house, while I relax and read a book.
EB: Wow – that’s a lot of work. We have to make it a fair equivalent.
me: what do you think cleaning the house is worth in terms of peeps value?
EB: I’m thinking somewhere around six or seven tons.
me: What are you crazy? That way out of wack!
EB: Well, they are light.
me: Yeah, but that will cost me a fortune.
EB: OK, we’ll keep it cost of cleaning a house to cost of peeps.
me: OK, that sounds reasonable. If I win you clean the house. If you win I’ll buy you however many packs of peeps you can get for the cost I would pay a cleaning service to clean the house.
EB: OK, sounds fair. The house is pretty dirty though.
me: No it’s not!
EB: Well, my standard for clean might not be your standard for clean.
me: Do you want to play or not?
EB: OK, Let’s flip a coin to see who goes first.

Less than 15 minutes after the start of that fifth game, I wound up owing 40 cases of peeps to EB. I’m embarrased to admit it, but I was hustled by the Easter Bunny.