Last night I had the pleasure of playing with my good friend Nick Driver at a show at the Assisi Cafe. I had to step away for a few songs so Nick asked EB to play percussion. The first song EB played with Nick “Let’s Stay Together” was awesome. EB has great rhythm. When Nick started the second song “Song of Peace”, he looked over to see why no sound was coming from the congas. He noticed that EB has slipped away to get a carrot. Nick Driver is a perfectionist when it comes to his music. Boy, was he pissed! He let EB have it. He yelled so hard that EB’s ears went flapping to the right.

Nick: What the ^&*&$%^$% do you think you’re doing getting a carrot while we’re supposed to be playing? Have you lost your %&&&(*&$% mind?
EB: Sorry, Nick – I did get a carrot, but I really stepped away to get my lucky tie. I realized that I didn’t have it on. I have high standards too you know.
Nick: Well, OK – I see you have it on now. Can we do “Song of Peace” now?
EB: Let’s rock!

Nick Diver

Nick and EB rocked the house. After the show Nick asked EB if he would go on tour with the band. EB had to decline because of his Easter commitments. And he promised to help promote “A Rabbit’s Tale and Easter Story” by Diogenes Ruiz now on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

EB is a big Nick Driver music fan and he got a thrill to be able to play with him. To check out Nick’s incredible music visit Nick was the winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and he’s always on tour. If you want Nick to come to your town give him a shout out. He is a great performer and one of the nicest people that EB knows (when he is not blowing your ears to kingdom come).

Nick EB Diogenes