For those of you who are still pondering that question, I submit to you that all you have to do is look at my precious little friend, Emma, or any child for that matter. It’s that simple. While Emma likes pink just like me and has a great sense of fashion like me, I submit to you that children are born with God’s disposition to love. They are filled with His nature. Slowly, as they grow up, they learn how to hate by watching what the rest of us do. They learn about getting ahead, being independent instead of interdependent, getting your’s, being entitled, being important, getting rich, having prestige, being right, being democrat or republican, being a fan, getting plastic surgery, getting the latest app, getting high, worshiping beer, finding that loophole, being free to kill, being a real man, being a real woman, being a star, being jealous, holding a grudge, getting revenge, being politically correct in an aggresively secular world …

What happened to the God in us? What happened to the God in you? The good news is that He is still there. We just need to learn from His actions and His Word and not necessarily the actions or words of one another, or the mind zapping fake-made-real world of entertainment and the media. Too harsh? Tough bunny poop!

As for my wonderful friend Emma, I think that she will remain in God’s nature, because the people around her work hard at being Christ for each other. That’s is something worth learning.