EB Plays GuitarEB Performed at a solo concert today for some of his closest friends. He wanted to celebrate winning a Liebster Award and also the release of “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story”.

me: EB, I didn’t know you could sing and play guitar.
EB: There is a lot you don’t know about me. I am a rabbit of mystery.
me: What else might I not know, that you want to share?
EB: Well, for one thing, I can read lips.
me: You’re kidding! That is a strange skill for you to have.
EB: No, I’m not kidding. It’s kind of a hobby. I’m like HAL in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” only, I won’t lock you out in the vacumm of space to watch you die.
me: That’s comforting to know. Have you red my lips.
EB: On occasion. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.
me: No, I’m really glad you did.
EB: Now, you will be paranoid knowing that I know everything you’re up to.
me: That’s OK. I have nothing to hide, like some rabbits.
EB: What’s that supposed to mean?
me: You know what I mean, don’t play innocent?
EB: What? Read my lips. “I   d o n ‘ t   k n o w”.
me: You told me that you were going to spend the day in contemplative prayer, and you were really out buring rubber in your Maserati.
EB: I did spend the day in contemplative prayer. All afternoon I was contemplating the fine performance of that incredible automobile, and thanking Jesus for winning the Liebster Award.
me: I thought you weren’t feeling too good.
EB: I wasn’t at first, but Maserati is good medicine. Man, I wished Elvis could have been there!
me: What is it with you and Elvis, you dream about him and you act like he’s still alive and is your best buddy.
EB: We were tight.
me: You never met him!
EB: Yeah, but we would have been tight. In fact, he would have loved your crazy Rabbit’s Tale book.
me: How would you know that.
EB: It’s rabbit intuition. It’s never wrong. He would have liked Juan, your main character. I even wrote a song for the occasion. Wanna hear it?
me: Not really,
EB: OK, here goes, I borrowed a few lines from Elvis but the rest is mine.

It’s one for the money
two for the show

three to get in my Maserati

and go baby go.

Don’t you talk to me about no hot toddy
You can do anything but don’t touch my Maserati

You can take my carrots and step on my face
You can pull me by the ears all over the place
You can do anything that you wanna do,
Ohh but honey stay off -a- that hood

Don’t you talk to me about no hot toddy
You can do anything but don’t touch my Maserati