Easter Bunny Sees Snow

EB came in this morning all excited after he stepped outside and discovered that we had snow. It was still coming down. Soon after, our friends Dixie and Doodles came over to play. They are two of our favorite canine friends. We were all out for a while, in the back yard. EB, Dixie and I came in after we started to get a little too cold. Doodles decided to stay outside to play in the snow.  We spent most of the morning looking on line to see how many people were getting our book “A Rabbit’s Tale and Easter Story”. So far five have been sold. EB looked at me and said, “Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Besides, it’s too good a story. Once a few people read it, word will spread. Maybe our blogging buddies can help spread the word.”

Then we started to talk about the upcoming Easter holiday. EB likes to plan early. We had hot chocolate along with a few peeps. Dixie played with her favorite bone.  After lunch we watched some cartoons. Several hours later, we went back outside. Dixie (left) ran over to talk to Doodles. But, Doodles (right) just gave her the cold shoulder.

We all came inside and are waiting for Doodles to warm up a bit.