Rabbit's Tale - Rabbit Critic2Today I sat down and talked with EB about my book. He was upset a few days ago when I told him that Easter was not about him, but about Jesus. He seemed to be over that. Now he has decided to be Mr. Book Critic.

me: What’s wrong EB, didn’t like my book? Why do you think I have issues?
EB: Well for one thing, that guy Monty in the book is very scary.
me: Yeah, but he’s supposed to be scary.
EB: Why couldn’t you just write about how much Jesus loved yellow peeps and things like that.
me: The story takes place today, not in the time of Jesus. Besides, I can’t write that. There were no marshmallow peeps back then.
EB: He turned water into wine didn’t He? Maybe He turned a rock into a peep, and nobody wrote about it. The apostles seemed to want to fall asleep as the most inconvenient times. Maybe they were asleep when He did it.
me: EB, I think you’re missing the point. This book is a modern story. It’s a suspensful thriller that has at its heart the true meaning of Easter. It’s not set in the time of Jesus, it is set today.
EB” Well, I guess I don’t like this good vs. evil stuff. The suspense is too much for me. Although I must admit, there were a few funny parts.
me: So you liked those?
EB: Yeah, but if you ever make a movie out of this, I want to be consulted on any scenes that involve candy.
me: No problem. I would love your candy expertise.
EB: So, when is it out.
me: I think it will be available on Wednesday on Amazon.
EB: You mean people will have to go to South America to get a copy.
me: No, Amazon is online. They can get it online.
EB: So, was it fun to write?
me: Yeah, but something really freaky happened on the cover.
EB: Tell me tomorrow, all this suspensful thriller stuff has made me hungry – need a carrot.