Easter Bunny talks to AbiAfter his spat with Diogenes over “A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story”, EB decided to visit his trusted friend, Abby. She is one of EB’s best friends and he dediced to confide in her about what Diogenes said about Easter not being about the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bummy and Aby 2

Abi couldn’t belive it.

Abby: Hey EB,  Easter isn’t really just about you. Why did you think it was?
EB: Well, I just figured since I was the Easter Bunny, it must be about me.
Abby: No, it really is about Jesus. He died for us and rose from the dead. I think it was three days later.  We learned it in religion class. Didn’t you ever learn that?
EB: No, I just thought that because of my cuteness and great way with candy, it was all about me.

Easter Bunny and Abi
Abby: Come here EB. Now look, Easter is about Jesus and not about you. You help celebrate Easter and get to personally be in charge of candy. Isn’t that great! But you have to say your sorry to Diogenes. He was only telling you the truth. OK? And don’t worry, I’ll teach you all about Jesus. Do you need a hug?

Easter Bunny and Abi 4

Abby: OK, come here you silly rabbit. Doesn’t that make you feel better? My mom and dad give me hugs all the time. Are you feeling better now?

Easter Bunny and EB 5

EB: Thanks Abby. I feel so much better that I might have to tickle you.