It’s Not About You! It’s about Jesus!

  • EB and MeToday EB discovered that I am the author of “A Rabbit’s Tale an Easter Story”.  He got quite upset, grabbed me by the collar and said:

“What do you mean, you wrote it. What do you mean, Easter is not about me, but about Jesus rising from the dead? And this book comes out in a week? What were you thinking, man? There is no cuter rabbitt, absolutely non cuter, you got that?”

I didn’t think rabbits had egos. Evidently, this one does and an attitude to boot. I guess after decades of being the center of attention on Easter, it has gone to his head. Finally, after bribing him with a marshmallow peep, he let me go and started to calm down. I’m too upset to keep writing. Will have to continue this tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “It’s Not About You! It’s about Jesus!

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  1. Bunnies have the biggest egos! I’d have never thought it, they seem so quiet and unassuming, but believe me when I say our smallest family member rules the house haha! If he isn’t happy, you will know about it!

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