Chess with EB – Big Mistake!

Chess with EB

EB and I sat down for a couple of games of chess. I won the first three, so we played a fourth. I won that one too. Then, EB said we should make the game more interesting.

EB: How about we play for some peeps.
me: OK, but if I win you clean the house, while I relax and read a book.
EB: Wow – that’s a lot of work. We have to make it a fair equivalent.
me: what do you think cleaning the house is worth in terms of peeps value?
EB: I’m thinking somewhere around six or seven tons.
me: What are you crazy? That way out of wack!
EB: Well, they are light.
me: Yeah, but that will cost me a fortune.
EB: OK, we’ll keep it cost of cleaning a house to cost of peeps.
me: OK, that sounds reasonable. If I win you clean the house. If you win I’ll buy you however many packs of peeps you can get for the cost I would pay a cleaning service to clean the house.
EB: OK, sounds fair. The house is pretty dirty though.
me: No it’s not!
EB: Well, my standard for clean might not be your standard for clean.
me: Do you want to play or not?
EB: OK, Let’s flip a coin to see who goes first.

Less than 15 minutes after the start of that fifth game, I wound up owing 40 cases of peeps to EB. I’m embarrased to admit it, but I was hustled by the Easter Bunny.


Best Dressed Easter Dog Gets 5 Carrot Award

EB came across this picture which he just had to share with you. It’s of his newest friend Dante.

Dante is one of the best dressed dogs, in the world. No other canine has such a highly developed sense of fashion. Note the matching pink ensemble. EB wanted to award his prestigious 5 Carrot Award to Dante.

Congratulations my fine canine friend!

Rock and Roll Bunny Jams with Nick Driver


Last night I had the pleasure of playing with my good friend Nick Driver at a show at the Assisi Cafe. I had to step away for a few songs so Nick asked EB to play percussion. The first song EB played with Nick “Let’s Stay Together” was awesome. EB has great rhythm. When Nick started the second song “Song of Peace”, he looked over to see why no sound was coming from the congas. He noticed that EB has slipped away to get a carrot. Nick Driver is a perfectionist when it comes to his music. Boy, was he pissed! He let EB have it. He yelled so hard that EB’s ears went flapping to the right.

Nick: What the ^&*&$%^$% do you think you’re doing getting a carrot while we’re supposed to be playing? Have you lost your %&&&(*&$% mind?
EB: Sorry, Nick – I did get a carrot, but I really stepped away to get my lucky tie. I realized that I didn’t have it on. I have high standards too you know.
Nick: Well, OK – I see you have it on now. Can we do “Song of Peace” now?
EB: Let’s rock!

Nick Diver

Nick and EB rocked the house. After the show Nick asked EB if he would go on tour with the band. EB had to decline because of his Easter commitments. And he promised to help promote “A Rabbit’s Tale and Easter Story” by Diogenes Ruiz now on Amazon in e-book and paperback.

EB is a big Nick Driver music fan and he got a thrill to be able to play with him. To check out Nick’s incredible music visit Nick was the winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and he’s always on tour. If you want Nick to come to your town give him a shout out. He is a great performer and one of the nicest people that EB knows (when he is not blowing your ears to kingdom come).

Nick EB Diogenes

Is there really a God?


For those of you who are still pondering that question, I submit to you that all you have to do is look at my precious little friend, Emma, or any child for that matter. It’s that simple. While Emma likes pink just like me and has a great sense of fashion like me, I submit to you that children are born with God’s disposition to love. They are filled with His nature. Slowly, as they grow up, they learn how to hate by watching what the rest of us do. They learn about getting ahead, being independent instead of interdependent, getting your’s, being entitled, being important, getting rich, having prestige, being right, being democrat or republican, being a fan, getting plastic surgery, getting the latest app, getting high, worshiping beer, finding that loophole, being free to kill, being a real man, being a real woman, being a star, being jealous, holding a grudge, getting revenge, being politically correct in an aggresively secular world …

What happened to the God in us? What happened to the God in you? The good news is that He is still there. We just need to learn from His actions and His Word and not necessarily the actions or words of one another, or the mind zapping fake-made-real world of entertainment and the media. Too harsh? Tough bunny poop!

As for my wonderful friend Emma, I think that she will remain in God’s nature, because the people around her work hard at being Christ for each other. That’s is something worth learning.

Easter Bunny not Singing the Blues

EB Plays GuitarEB Performed at a solo concert today for some of his closest friends. He wanted to celebrate winning a Liebster Award and also the release of “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story”.

me: EB, I didn’t know you could sing and play guitar.
EB: There is a lot you don’t know about me. I am a rabbit of mystery.
me: What else might I not know, that you want to share?
EB: Well, for one thing, I can read lips.
me: You’re kidding! That is a strange skill for you to have.
EB: No, I’m not kidding. It’s kind of a hobby. I’m like HAL in the movie “2001 A Space Odyssey” only, I won’t lock you out in the vacumm of space to watch you die.
me: That’s comforting to know. Have you red my lips.
EB: On occasion. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you.
me: No, I’m really glad you did.
EB: Now, you will be paranoid knowing that I know everything you’re up to.
me: That’s OK. I have nothing to hide, like some rabbits.
EB: What’s that supposed to mean?
me: You know what I mean, don’t play innocent?
EB: What? Read my lips. “I   d o n ‘ t   k n o w”.
me: You told me that you were going to spend the day in contemplative prayer, and you were really out buring rubber in your Maserati.
EB: I did spend the day in contemplative prayer. All afternoon I was contemplating the fine performance of that incredible automobile, and thanking Jesus for winning the Liebster Award.
me: I thought you weren’t feeling too good.
EB: I wasn’t at first, but Maserati is good medicine. Man, I wished Elvis could have been there!
me: What is it with you and Elvis, you dream about him and you act like he’s still alive and is your best buddy.
EB: We were tight.
me: You never met him!
EB: Yeah, but we would have been tight. In fact, he would have loved your crazy Rabbit’s Tale book.
me: How would you know that.
EB: It’s rabbit intuition. It’s never wrong. He would have liked Juan, your main character. I even wrote a song for the occasion. Wanna hear it?
me: Not really,
EB: OK, here goes, I borrowed a few lines from Elvis but the rest is mine.

It’s one for the money
two for the show

three to get in my Maserati

and go baby go.

Don’t you talk to me about no hot toddy
You can do anything but don’t touch my Maserati

You can take my carrots and step on my face
You can pull me by the ears all over the place
You can do anything that you wanna do,
Ohh but honey stay off -a- that hood

Don’t you talk to me about no hot toddy
You can do anything but don’t touch my Maserati

New Easter Novel – Starts to Move

Toni_EB Racing2EB called me today and said he wasn’t feeling that great. Nothing serious, but he decided to spend the day sitting quietly at home in contemplative prayer. All that excitement yesterday at the Maserati dealership must has tired him out. I’ll check in on him later.

After I spoke to EB, my good friend Toni came by with her copy of “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story”.  It was great to see her. She bought the first paperback copy and that was pretty special. Thank you, Toni!

Here is the link to Amazon. Check out some of the reviews and pick up a copy! Help me keep EB on organic carrots, otherwise he gets cranky.

Easter Bunny Receives Liebster Award. “Carrots for Everyone”


As a Liebster Award recipient, we’d like to thank Good Golly Miss Molly for the nomination. EB and I went right down to the Maserati dealer and picked out the hottest car in the showroom. Thanks to the Liebster Award for their generous support. We rolled out of the dealership in EB’s new Maserati and he had “Bad to the Bone” cranked up. I must have heard it fifty times as we cruised all around Raleigh.

EB sends his congratulations to all of the other nominees, even if they did not all receive a new Maserati.

The Liebster Award is meant to promote great blogs with less than 200 followers. The goal is to generated exposure and allow more people to discover these great blogs. Here’s how Liebster Award works…Nominees are asked to:

– post eleven facts about themselves
– answer the eleven questions they’ve been asked
– nominate eleven other websketches and ask them eleven questions of their own.
– display the Liebster award.
– there are no actual prizes awarded just recognition by fellow bloggers

Eleven Facts about Easter Bunny (EB)

1. EB has a plan for Middle East peace. He would gather all the leaders and sit them around a table with a stack of mouth watering, hot, freshly baked, Krispy Creme doughnuts in the center. The doughnut police would not allow anyone to have one until the peace treaty was signed.

2. EB enjoys jazz, and blues. Two of his favorite obscure artist are Diogenes Ruiz and William D. Burton.

3. EB was shot out of a cannon by mistake one day while visiting the circus. No one was hurt, but the bearded lady was put on a two week leave of absence for negligent cannon lighting.

4. EB is a Downton Abbey fan. He has watched every episode. His favorite character is Bates and he hopes that his leg will be cured so he can enjoy a good hop.

5. EB hopes that “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story” will make it onto the New York Times bestseller’s list, so he can go on Oprah and talk about it. He wants everybody who reads this to buy a copy at

6. EB loves sci-fi movies, and thinks that they should have written a role for him as Anne Frances’ bunny in the 1950’s movie, Forbidden Planet. She didn’t have a bunny in the movie, but should have.

7. EB really does think that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. He is a big Nelson Mandela fan.

8. EB attended the Justice Theater Project’s presentation of Julius Ceasar last night..

9. EB has family in every state of the country. Some of them are jealous of his Easter Bunny celebrity status, but most are happy for him. His cousin Flapper Jack is one of his favorite family members because he shares his love of peeps and sci fi and rollercoasters.

10. EB wants to be the first rabbit to go in to space as a passenger and not as an experiment.

11. EB knows where Big Foot lives, but has sworn not to tell. He also thinks that Big Foot is crazy for wanting a Donald Trump hairdo.

Answers to Eleven questions from Good Golly Miss Molly:

1. The best day of EB’s life so far was the day he was ceremoniously sworn in as the Easter Bunny and was thus granted some magic powers pertaining to spreading Easter cheer, much the same way Santa can travel to millions of different households in one night.

2.  If EB could be somebody else for a day, he would want to be President Obama. As president EB would make carrots a universaly free food. He would also try to talk some sense into Congress and reward them with free peeps for a week and a special Easter basket.  Each Easter basket would contain a copy of “A Rabbit’s Tale An Easter Story”.

3.  His three favorite foods are pizza, carrots and sweet plantains.

4.  EB is not grown up. Neither am I. Our markers will be when our ashes are blowing in the wind.

5.  EB’s favorite special object is a Tao cross , like the one St. Francis had. It was blessed by the Pope.

6.  If EB could make up his own astrology sign, it would be a doughnut, two cocentric circles.  People born under this sign would have sweet and kind dispositions, and they would be agents of positive change in the world.

7.  EB was home schooled so he asked me to list my favorite teacher, which was Mr. Garvey, our English teacher. He liked everyone, was always cheerful.  In an all male high school, which was cruel and unusual punishment, there were a few good teachers. Mr. Garvey was the best.

8.   The last musical performance EB attended was at the Big Easy in Cary, North Carolina. Diogenes Ruiz was playing with William D. Burton and Jake Stone. It was great!

9.   “The Shy Stegasaurus of Crooked Creek” was EB’s favorite book, because he was shy like the stegasuarus.

10.  EB gave up thinking that Easter was all about him. This happened recently, as he learned that Easter is really about Jesus and EB’s role is to help us celebrate it.

11.   EB’s favorite mode of travel is ELF, which stands for  Electric Light and Fun. It’s a fully covered bicycle with a motor and a solar panel on the roof, so you never need gas. It is made in Durham, North Carolina.

My Eleven Nominees for the Liebster Award

Questions for My Eleven Liebster Award Nominees

1. What animal best represents your personality and why?
2. If you were a superhero what super power would like to have and why?
3. Who most influenced you to become the person you are today?
4. What is your favorite dessert?
5. If you could travel to anywhere on the planet where would you go and why?
6. What is the best book you ever read? What made it special?
7. What is your favorite movie? Why?
8. Do you think there really is such a thing as a Chimpmanzee?
9. What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time ten years, and could only say three words or less?
10. If you could create a national holiday, what would it be called and what date would you choose.
11. When was the last time you gave thanks, and what were you thankful for?

Easter Bunny’s Snowy Day

Easter Bunny Sees Snow

EB came in this morning all excited after he stepped outside and discovered that we had snow. It was still coming down. Soon after, our friends Dixie and Doodles came over to play. They are two of our favorite canine friends. We were all out for a while, in the back yard. EB, Dixie and I came in after we started to get a little too cold. Doodles decided to stay outside to play in the snow.  We spent most of the morning looking on line to see how many people were getting our book “A Rabbit’s Tale and Easter Story”. So far five have been sold. EB looked at me and said, “Hey, you gotta start somewhere. Besides, it’s too good a story. Once a few people read it, word will spread. Maybe our blogging buddies can help spread the word.”

Then we started to talk about the upcoming Easter holiday. EB likes to plan early. We had hot chocolate along with a few peeps. Dixie played with her favorite bone.  After lunch we watched some cartoons. Several hours later, we went back outside. Dixie (left) ran over to talk to Doodles. But, Doodles (right) just gave her the cold shoulder.

We all came inside and are waiting for Doodles to warm up a bit.


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