Rab0424me: no more bad dreams EB?
EB: No, slept pretty good after that nighmare, thank goodness.
I read a bit more of “A Rabbit’s Tale“, There is a mention of the great Hef!
me: What’s that?
EB: You know, the Great Hef, Hugh Hefner. He is a legend among us bunnies.
me: Why?
EB: Well, He’s taken in so many stray bunnies and given them a good home. We would tell stories about him when I was a young rabbit.
me: Hey, EB, I hate to break it to you.  I don’t think those bunnies are exactly what you were led to believe.
EB: What do you mean?
me: The bunnies Hugh Hefner took in were females that dress up with minimum clothing and a pair of rabbit ears and a bunny tail.
EB: What are you saying?

me: I’m saying the Great Hef is really a great Playboy, not a rabbit rescuer…. EB, are you alright. You look pale.
EB: You do realize that you’ve shattered my lifelong hero.
me: Sorry, old buddy, thought you should know.
EB: Crrrrikeeee!