EB called me in the middle of the night, he was rambling on like a lunatic.

Ring Ring Ring

me: Hello who the ()*&(*#(* is this? Do you know what time it is?
EB: Hey, it’s me. Guess what?
me: What is it EB, are you OK?
EB: Yeah, I just got my first comment on my blog!
me: What’s the big #(*U#)(#@#) deal? You woke me up just to tell me that? Geez!
EB: Her name is Jeyna Grace and she is a writer! I posted her avatar on my frig. She wrote a 20k word novella in 23 hours. Isn’t that cool?
me: Great EB, are you done? Can I go back to sleep now?
EB: Well, someone’s sounds a little cranky.
me: Goodnight EB. (click)